Michael Silvers

pic in chairMichael  is a Trainer and Director of Coaching for New Peaks™ and is responsible for developing and coordinating the company’s training and coaching programs in the U.S.A, Australia, Singapore and  Canada.  Michael’s clear and consistent strategic and tactical direction has been key to supporting the rapid growth of New Peaks,  recruiting and training New Peaks Coaches and continually designing and developing new trainings, coaching models and techniques.

As Director and Trainer, Michael has excelled in leading and developing teams and individuals to achieve peak performance and has helped tens of thousands of individuals create the wealth, and engineer the lifestyle, they truly desire.   He has also developed and managed an interactive website to help provide an online community and support for New Peaks clients worldwide.

Michael’s career and experience span a variety of professional roles over the last 20 years that have consistently focused on  the development of personal and professional achievement. He earned a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in 1990 and is a Master Trainer and Practitioner of NLP.