Eric Frady

Eric FradyEric is first and foremost and dedicated family man. He is a husband and the father of three beautiful little daddy’s girls that he loves to spend time with. His family life was not always this way. Growing up, Eric was the oldest of three boys and from early on in his life he was driven to succeed. Frustrated and overwhelmed he decided to drop out of high school. Eric got in to the furniture business and did very well for himself and his family. It was after many years of trading dollars for hours that he realized if he wanted more for his family and others he had to do something different with his life. It was at this time he decided to go back to school to earn a college degree. After several years of full time school along with working and supporting his family, Eric soon began to realize that conventional education was not helping him with his freedom.

He was introduced to the stock market and learned all he could about various opportunities the market had to offer. He then created a strategy to show everyone that they too could make money in the market. Eric helped create a stock market education company using his passion for helping others along with his style of educating he has helped everyday people from all walks of life and from all over the world reach financial freedom using the stock market. Eric was introduced to New Peaks by a friend and fell in love with the practical, street smart training he most desired.

Eric uses real life stories and practical application mixed along with humor and southern charm to show others how they too can achieve whatever level of success they want in their life right now in the real world.