Cullen Haskins

During Cullen's freshman year of high school he was given the nickname of "Happy Haskins” by his mentor in life. At 22, Cullen was excited to get one of the highest paying jobs in the South Chicago Land. He was working as a Maintenance Mechanic. The excitement soon faded as he realized he was doing exactly what he was raised to do - get a good job and work really, really HARD! However, Cullen always wanted to be a coach and trading time for money was going to allow this to happen. That’s when he was first Introduced to the Idea of Creating Financial Freedom. At the age of 24 he started his first business and by the age of 27 financial freedom was achieved Cullen is married to his beautiful wife, Trinity and they have 5 amazing children! Today and for over the past decade, he and his family are living their dreams!

Cullen attended his first Millionaire Mind Experience in 2007 and knew right then, that he wanted to train and be the light for others with New Peaks. Cullen loves coaching his kids in sports and adults in their journey of life.