Christophe Merrill

christophSuper Contagious Energy – Completely Customized Content - Motivated Audiences Christoph's energy is contagious, his immersive and interactive approach as a speaker goes way beyond being a motivational speaker. His unique style uses a flipchart and handouts and limits his use of PowerPoint slides.
He is insanely passionate about giving lasting and transformative change to the business, groups and individuals he has the honor and privilege of speaking to. He does this by utilizing his natural talent of humor and "Digs Deep" in an entertaining and original format. He encourages his audience to "Stare Down" their challenges and the real reasons behind having them. He does this, by asking the hard questions and then guiding them toward finding the real reasons behind it and then motivates and inspires them to take action, NOW!
Christoph travels the world and shares his natural gift and talent of helping others achieve the Results they desire.