Adam Markel

Adam-Best I LOVE My LIFE

Adam Markel is the CEO of New Peaks (Formerly Peak Potentials), and the author of the forthcoming book Pivot (Simon & Schuster – 2016) - Pre Order Now at

An international training firm New Peaks has delivered world-class educational programs to more than 1 million people, in over 104 countries.

Prior to his position as CEO, Adam was the Senior Trainer with Peak Potentials and has personally trained more than 100,000 people in the United States, Southeast Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia. In addition, Adam is a keynote speaker for groups and conferences around the world including:

  • Infusionsoft
  • American Gemologists Society
  • California Chiropractors Association
  • National Achievers Congress
  • Get Motivated

A recognized expert in the integration of business and personal transformation, Adam has been interviewed by:

  • Fox News
  • Newsday
  • The New York Post
  • The Wall Street Journal

Prior to his work with New Peaks, Adam spent two years teaching Junior High School English, founded a successful commercial real estate investment firm and went to law school – where he passed the bar on his first time.

After law school, Adam founded a multi-million dollar law firm specializing in finance, commercial and employment litigation.

Over the course of his 17 year practice, Adam Represented over 1000 matters, with hundreds of clients including Citibank, Wachovia and HSBC.

Mr. Markel holds a Law degree from Saint John’s University and an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

He passed the New York State, New Jersey State and Federal Court bar.

He lives in Carlsbad, California where one of his greatest joys has been raising four amazing children with his wife Randi.