Ken Courtright

ken-courtright-income-store-todays-growth-consultantKen is the founder and CEO of the Inc.5000 company, Today's Growth Consultant/Income Store.
Income Store helps people build or buy “Revenue Generating” websites. Not only does “Income Store” help people build or buy “Revenue Generating” websites, they manage those websites, even overlapping 15% - 22% returns to their website partners, for life.
Ken’s model has attracted hundreds of partnerships with individuals, business owners  and  private equity firms. A Best Selling Author in 5 Categories, Ken has recently been featured on WLS, WGN, FOX, CBS, A&E, NBC, and most recently on the Biography Channel.

Ken’s portfolio of websites includes over 600 revenue-generating websites that are seen more than 100 Million times each year. After 5 years of doubling revenue year after year, in August of 2013, and now again in 2015, Ken’s 23 year old company, was ranked in Inc. Magazine as one of the 1,000 Fastest Growing U.S. Companies. After 2 best-selling books of his own, this past July, Ken was asked to be the new author of the best-selling marketing series: Guerrilla Marketing.