David Lindahl

David Lindahl

David Lindahl has rehabbed over 820 houses in just under 10 years and currently owns over 7,400 apartment units.

Starting out as a struggling landscaper with no experience in construction, Dave accepted an opportunity to renovate a foreclosed house for a local bank during the wintertime when there was no landscaping to do in Boston.

The job was completed mostly with the advice of relatives and friends who knew how to do the work. After completing the first house, he did another and then (after getting over his initial fears) began to buy and hold small apartment buildings for himself.

To get the money for down payments (he originally used credit cards until they ran out!), Dave would rehab single-family houses to “flip” for chunks of money, so he could buy more apartment buildings.

Within the first 14 months, Dave’s apartment buildings created a positive cash flow of over $10,300 a month for him and his family and with in three and one half years Dave became a multimillionaire.

Dave then learned about the four phases of the Real Estate Market Cycle, what strategies to use in each cycle for maximum profit and at any given time there are 10 – 20 markets around the United States that are “Emerging”.

Dave learned how to find these markets and created a system to buy in these markets and quickly became much wealthier, much faster! He does all this without dealing with a single tenant! Now he is ready to tell you how you can do it

Today, Dave has earned millions of dollars renovating houses for resale, and owns over 7,400 apartment units with a monthly cash flow equaling what most people make in a year!

He’s the author of 2 #1 bestselling books, Emerging Real Estate Markets, and Multi-Family Millions. His third book is through Donald Trump’s organization, and is called Commercial Real Estate Investing 101: How Small Investors Can Get Started and Make It Big.

Among other publications David has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Creative Real Estate Lifestyles, AOL and Kiplinger Magazine.

Starting as dead broke landscaper living in a 1 bedroom apartment Dave Lindahl started buying and selling multi-unit properties in Brockton, MA to create a better life for himself.

With no Real Estate experience he created systems that allowed him to create enough monthly positive cash flow to retire within 3 ½ years.

He also offers a series of home study materials and live events for investors. For more information, visit: www.REMentor.com