Bob Circosta

BOB Pic  300ppi copyDo you have a product or service or idea that could be marketed on HSN (Home Shopping Network)?  Bob Circosta, one of the individuals who helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry, will get you the answers to your questions and give you the keys to getting your product seen in over 95 million homes across America! Bob’s new program segment on HSN is called HSN AMERICAN DREAMS. HSN has asked Bob to find entrepreneurs and their products to bring on the air. In addition, Bob will share his proven and powerful marketing formula that his clients use to successfully market anythinganywhere!

It all began back in 1977 when an advertiser traded units of a product in lieu of payment in cash for his advertising bill. AM radio talk-show host Bob Circosta was asked to sell avocado-green-colored can openers live on the air by station owner Bud Paxson. Circosta invited his listening audience to call him up, reserve one of the can openers and come down to the studio to pick it up.

The phone lines started to light up… and on that day… 112 electric can openers were sold and the home shopping industry was born!

Today, the phenomenon of TV shopping channels generates over $12 billion a year in product sales. Ever since then, businesses, companies and entrepreneurs have looked to Bob Circosta to help them find the words that work. And boy oh boy, do they work! 25,000 hours of live selling on television and 75,000 separate product presentations later and Bob has accumulated a whopping ONE BILLION DOLLARS in personal sales for entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world.

As Marissa Shipman, Founder and CEO of The Balm says “If selling was an art, then Bob Circosta would be the modern day Da Vinci.”

A strategic thinker and pioneering force in the television home shopping revolution, Bob is bringing Fortune 500 “Big Brand Thinking’ to businesses and products of all shapes and sizes. The business world, celebrities and a multitude of national media outlets have featured Bob in a variety of roles ranging from appearances on NBC’s Today Show and 20/20 to promoting products with stars such as Suzanne Somers, Fran Drescher, Florence Henderson, Ken Paves, Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Carol Alt, Jillian Barberie, Dixie Carter, Patti LaBelle, Bob Hope, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, Cindy Margolis and more.

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