Quantum Leap Program


QUANTUM LEAP (noun): a sudden, dramatic and significant transition or advance, especially in method, information, or knowledge.

Quantum Leap is an “accelerated success training and personal growth” program designed specifically for people committed to creating financial freedom within the next year, through consistent high-impact, high frequency courses.

The Quantum Leap program offers massive discounts on a collection of foundational and signature courses, designed to fast-track you to mega-success.

Utilizing cutting-edge learning technologies and results-oriented experiential breakthrough processes, our students discover immediate and long-term benefits in all areas of their life — financial, spiritual, relationships and health, in support of their personal and family goals.

Throughout your entire journey, you will have the Quantum Leap Concierge Team as your guide. More than providing elite customer service, the Quantum Leap Concierge Team will assist and support you through every step of the process including helping maximize your learning experience.

Quantum Leap is a leading-edge transformational program presented by New Peaks Training.