Karma Krew


What is the New Peaks Karma Krew Program?

The New Peaks Karma Krew Program is our volunteer program. It is designed for those students who would like to give back and support new students while they take courses, as well as support other karma krew members, Core Team, and the Trainers during New Peaks events


What are the benefits of being a Karma Krew Member?

Everyone who becomes a karma krew member has different reasons for being there and offering there service to an event. The benefits are very individual. Here is what some of our krew members say are the benefits of becoming a K2 member:

a.    Being of service while others are profoundly changing their own lives. Changing your life can be downright scary and being able to create a space where it is safe to do so is incredibly rewarding

b.    Watching people's lives transform day by day!!!

c.    I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills, made some lifelong friends, & felt very rewarded after the event was done.

d.    You may become a Core Team member. Or possibly, meet your new wife!

e.    Making new friends that will last for a lifetime. I met my best friend and partner while krewing. Lots of opportunity to travel.

f.    To be a part of someone’s transformation, to utilize the lessons you learnt at the same event, making connections and lifelong friendships with the most awesome people who are all part of the Krew Family

g.   I am so eternally thankful for being a part of this family...love you all very much and look forward to the next time we change lives.  

Besides the emotional and spiritual benefits our amazing krew have shared above, New Peaks also rewards our Karma Krew with New Peaks Karma Krew merits, which can be accumulated and used towards the courses of your choice (there are a few courses which cannot be accessed with using New Peaks credits). Credit amounts vary per event depending on the length of the event krewed.


Can I just show up to work an event?

No, you must apply for a position for every event you wish to work. You then must be confirmed to the event roster by the Karma Krew Coordinator and receive a final confirmation letter.


How do I sign up to be on the Karma Krew?

You may email the Karma Krew Coordinator at karmakrew@peakpotentials.com and ask for an application for the event you wish to krew. You will be added to the karma krew database so you can receive emails regarding events in your area, or if we have any general announcements for the Karma Krew members.

You can also go to the applications directly here: Application Forms


Can I work any event I choose?

Any one is welcome to apply for the Millionaire Mind Experiences and multi-speaker events such as Guerilla Business School, Never Work Again, and World’s Greatest Marketing Seminar. For other events, it is highly recommended you take the course before krewing the event. Then you are in a better place to serve the students as you have already had the experiences they are going through. Krew who have graduated from a course are given priority to krew events over those who have not taken the event. Some of the courses, you must be a graduate of before you can krew the event. These include Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, Wizard Training Camp, Mind of Steel Heart of Gold, Ultimate Leadership Camp and Train the Trainer.


Can I bring extra friends or family along to help once I am confirmed to krew at an event?

Only confirmed karma krew members may volunteer at an event. If you have any friends or family that would like to krew as well, please encourage them to apply to be a K2 member for the same event as you.


Can my children come out and krew with me?

All Karma Krew team members must be 18 years of age or older. If your children are 17 and under, and you wish to have them at the event, they must be with another adult besides yourself who can supervise them.  


Am I guaranteed a spot on karma krew once I send in my application?

Sending an application in does not guarantee you will get one of the spots on the roster. We often receive many more applications than available positions. Get your applications in early if possible. Our goal is to fill the roster to get a balance of new and experienced krew members.                 


I can only krew part of an event. Will I be accepted?

Krew who are available full time for an entire event are given priority over those who are available part time. If you are available part time, you are welcome to apply. The Karma Krew Coordinator will place you on Standby status. If the roster does not fill with full time krew, you may be confirmed part time closer to the event.


Are there any social media pages I can join?

Yes, you can ask to join the New Peaks Official Karma Krew page here - You must be a New Peaks student, found in the New Peaks database to be given access to this page.


If I have any further questions, who do I contact?

You may contact the Karma Krew Coordinator at: karmakrew@newpeaks.com


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