Wealth Strategies Coaching

Get your financial house in order

This 12-18 month program is uniquely designed to help you develop the skills and understand the strategies that will take you from struggling financially to a place where you can create lasting wealth for yourself and your family. Knowledge is fundamental in building key defenses to “mastermind” your financial strategies and build an impenetrable safety net.

Developing the curriculum that improves the financial literacy of even our brightest clients is paramount in winning the financial struggle of money management and making sound investment decisions. It’s easy to make money but it’s a whole new life skill to learn how to keep the money you’ve made. Our Wealth Strategies Coaching program is nothing short of amazing in terms of the content and having access to the knowledge that the “Money Masters” that will be teaching you.

New Peaks is uniquely equipped to deliver this incredible wealth-building program to you, as we have taught literally hundreds and thousands of students financial literacy over the past 20 years—worldwide. During these past two decades we have developed lasting relationships with some of the world’s top money minds, investment advisors and strategists—with only one objective in mind—to help educate our clients in the game of money and empower them to build financial freedom.

Wealth Strategies Coaching includes:

  • World-class training that you complete online or via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  • Ten Financial Modules that will be foundational to your creating, managing, keeping and growing wealth.
  • Training will be covered in a series of live online presentations, group mentoring sessions and private one-on-one calls.
  • Each monthly group mentoring session will range from 90 minutes to two hours in length—with training from some of the top financial planners in the world.
  • You’ll have access to financial planners that will allow for you to ask questions and receive expert answers as you begin (or build) your own investment portfolio.
  • Our specialists include advisors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance experts, credit repair specialists, retirement planners, tax planners, experts on how to raise seed capital, angel funding, secured and unsecured business lines of credit and other advantageous debt vehicles. All of this expert help is designed to grow your business or help you intelligently invest in someone else’s.
  • A Monthly Call with New Peaks Lead Trainer; Director of Mentorship and Coaching who will work with you on ingraining the NEW WEALTH FILES and HABITS of ACTION that will set your course to financial success and freedom.
  • Access to the Wealth Strategies Coaching Facebook Group including private financial strategy posts and updates.

Wealth Strategies Coaching education and training is designed specifically and coupled with the timing and delivery of world-class curriculum that will change your understanding of money and how to create and grow wealth more quickly.