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How to earn $20,000 a weekend teaching what you love!

Are you ready to earn a fortune teaching what you love? Being a trainer can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling professions on the planet, but if you’re missing critical knowledge and skills it can be a major struggle.

The secret to training success is learning from the masters. Trainers who speak to hundreds or thousands of people consistently earn massive amounts of money. The only problem is that most successful trainers never reveal their innermost secrets to success and the psychology behind every move they make. New Peaks Master Trainers will.

The Train the Trainer Certification program will increase your confidence in this arena by a thousand-fold. You’ll be shocked at what you can do once you’ve been properly educated in the intricacies of this field. This course is also extremely valuable for anyone in sales, networking or any business where you are required to give presentations to large groups or interact one-on-one.

Train the Trainer will change your life—personally, professionally, and financially.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

  • How to earn up to $20,000 a weekend or more
  • A proven blueprint to market your seminars and yourself as a speaker/trainer
  • How to design a powerful program from A-Z
  • “Accelerated Learning” techniques, and how you can use them, so your participants learn faster and remember more
  • How to control the energy in any room
  • A step-by-step process for getting started and earning money immediately
  • And much more

Here are what some graduates are saying:

“Man! I would have never expected becoming a speaker could have such simplicity. Robert taught me some very valuable lessons that have formed my confidence and owned my own power. Thank you for my incredible experience. Just wait and see world what I will have to offer.” ~Korrine Mello, TTT LA 2016

“Excellent as always. Feels like coming home to be in the energy of New Peaks, surrounded by brothers and sisters who are diverse in age, race and background, yet the same in spirit. Content was broad, deep and focused on the how and the why of contributing to the world by raining others.” ~Marilyn Millman, TTT LA 2016

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Train The Trainer is a leading-edge transformational program presented by New Peaks Training.