Master of Influence


Learn the skill to sway and the power to persuade.

“Influence” is defined as the power to affect other people’s thinking and actions. In short, how to get people to do what you want.

Those who truly understand the power of influence use it to inspire their customers to buy. Business leaders agree that the top money-making skill is the ability to present your products, services, talents, and ideas in a way that will make people want them — and buy them.

At Master of Influence, the world’s foremost trainers share trade secrets and cutting-edge tactics that are both powerful and inviting. They will prove to you that “charisma” is not a matter of luck or good sense, but a learnable skill set.

Learn the secrets of:

  • Marketing, advertising, and Internet campaigning.
  • Sales techniques for consistent closing.
  • Collaborative negotiating.
  • The critical difference between manipulation and influence.
  • Verbal and written communications.
  • Reading body language and facial expressions.
  • Total image management and targeted branding.
  • The subtle art of personal charisma and the power of being truly authentic.
  • And so much more!

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