Making The Stage

At Making the Stage, you will reach your full potential as a speaker – and as a person – helping you to affect
change in other people’s lives. Led by the Master Trainers of New Peaks, Making the Stage is a five-day
intensive that will help you find your unique style to ensure that you stand above the crowd in the world
of presenters. You will work on your authenticity and vulnerability, helping you to gain credibility and
trust among your audience… as well as increased confidence in yourself.

During this five-day seminar, you will:

  • Learn the differences between master trainers and mediocre trainers.
  • Find out how to use the art of suggestology, by asking questions instead of making statements,
    to hook your audience and keep them involved.
  • Figure out the business or career that uses your natural talents and allows you to create wealth doing what you’re innately great at.
  • Receive priceless, one-on-one coaching on specific aspects of your style – from how you stand,
    to the gestures you use – to ensure you are delivering the exact message you intend, exactly
    when you want to deliver it.
  • Learn how to use variations in your tone, pitch, and timing; as well as the power of silence.
  • Discover how to speak with conviction and congruency – the two most important elements of trust, to help you lead and sell from the stage.
  • Become a masterful storyteller, which is one of the most powerful and memorable ways to convey any message.
  • Walk out of the intensive as a master trainer or presenter… one that has event organizers clamoring for you to speak at their events!