Wizard Training Camp

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The science of manifesting what you want!

Manifestation is a POWERFUL skill that will allow you to create whatever you want, using your thoughts and attention. This is the magic and true essence of the wizard.

The wizard archetype, also known as the magician or alchemist, is able to turn “lead into gold”. The unique quality of the wizard is an ability to manifest their desires in the real world and make the invisible visible. There are seven specific steps to creating anything you desire.

At Wizard Training Camp, you will learn, practice and take action on these steps and become so confident — that you’ll change the course of your entire life.

If you want to learn how to manifest exactly what you want in the world, don’t miss Wizard Training Camp.

*It's advised that you take Enlightened Warrior Training Camp before you take Wizard Training Camp.

At Wizard Training Camp you'll learn:

  • A highly developed “reality creation” technology
  • Specific clearing processes to make space for higher wisdom
  • Enlightened principles for creating success without struggle
  • How to tap directly into your intuition
  • How to see through the illusion of the world and come from a higher perspective


2017 Upcoming Course Information:

Dates: October 15-19, 2017

Location: Sanger, CA

Hotel: Wonder Valley Ranch Resort and Conference Center

Check-In: October 15th, 1:00pm

Start Time: 7:00pm


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Wizard Training Camp is a leading-edge transformational program presented by New Peaks Training.