Break Bad Habits.

"Definitely better than anticipated. Learned a lot about myself, learned how to break bad habits and how to develop new ones. Would highly recommend this to anyone. These principals can be applied in any aspect of your life or career. Virtually impossible not to be more successful in all areas of your life."

– Eric Rizzo (MME Orlando)

Truly Transformational.

"Every single person on planet earth needs to attend the MME. This is truly transformational.The exercises we went through have completely changed my mindset and I know I will 100% become financially free thanks to coming to this course!"

– Nanna Fontanini (MME Orlando) - First Time Attendee

Big Fat Gorilla.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! You guys gave me a complete shift in how I was thinking about my future and my capabilities. I didn’t even see it coming. I have nothing but respect for you because you are taking the time to have meaningful conversations about the Big Fat Gorilla in the room. Money!! Out there the pain is real and no one wants to talk about this subject. Please keep doing what you are doing and I will keep coming and bringing new people!”

– Wil Metcalfe, (MME Edmonton)

Great Stepping Stone.

“Exceptional event for individuals that feel trapped within themselves with their emotions, opinions, and outlook on life in regards to money and opportunities. The course is a great stepping stone for individuals ready to break out of their shell.“

– Jimmy Diaz, (MME Edmonton)

Very Grateful.

“Thank you Millionaire Mind Team for a very valuable weekend. Your energy, professionalism and content gave me an experience I am very grateful for.”

– Liza Pitsirilos, (MME Miami)

Powerful Seminar.

“This was a very powerful seminar that opened some closed doors in my mind, heart and soul. Thank you!”

– Leroy Romans, (MME Miami)